May 24

Congratulations Dee Ernst!

Congratulations to our author, Dee Ernst, on the release of her novella, A Malicious Midwinter – Mt. Abrams Mysteries book 5!

Ellie Rocca knows that inviting best-selling author Beth Graves Riley to speak at the Mt. Abrams library will score major brownie points in her small Cover of A Malicious Midwinter by Dee Ernst a cozy mysterycommunity. What she doesn’t know was that a fast moving blizzard will keep Beth, and her assistant, in Mt. Abrams—specifically, at Ellie’s house. A minor inconvenience turns into a major headache as one secret after another reveals itself, including an alcoholic author, an unexpected ex-husband, and stolen stories. Ellie manages to keep her cool until Beth’s body is found behind a snow bank, and she realizes that the killer sat at her dinner table the night before. Sam thinks he’s knows whodunnit, but it’s Ellie who realizes the key to the killer is as simple as black and white.

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Feb 20

Congratulations Sara Hubbard!

Congratulations to our author, Sara Hubbard on the release of her latest novel, Flawed, a Contemporary Romantic Suspense!

Cover of Flawed by Sara Hubbard a contemporary romantic suspense When I fell in love with Ivy Carter, I fell hard. She had a grip on my heart, and she refused to let go. After I committed a brutal assault, I pushed her away so she could have a life without me, but I’ve ached for her ever since. I assumed in a few months she’d move on, go off to school, and find some guy that actually deserves her. But that’s not what she did. She pushed back. And the more she pushed, the more I wanted to give in. I didn’t, though. I can be a mean SOB when I want to be.

It’s six years later now, and I’m out. I just want to see her so I know she’s okay, but one look at her angelic face through the window of where she works and I’m seventeen again, ready to do what it takes to put a smile on her face. I want to go straight and be the man she deserves, but when her brother steals from my criminal uncle, I have no choice but to make a deal with him. I might as well sell my soul; the devil is kinder.

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Feb 17

Congratulations Renea Mason, Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard!

Congratulations to our author Renea Mason and narrators Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard on the release of their book, The Audiobook Book: An Audiobook Production Guide for Indie Authors & Narrators!

Cover of The Audiobook Book by Renea Mason, Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard a how-to production guide for authors and narratorsThe Audie Award-Winning team of Renea Mason, Noah Michael Levine, and Erin deWard share their experiences and ideas on indie audiobook narration, publication, production, and marketing.

This self-help and reference guide for authors and narrators promotes collaboration, communication, understanding, and encouragement as foundations for approaching or refining a career in the fastest growing sector of the publishing industry—audiobooks.

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Feb 07

Congratulations Author Laura Mills!

Congratulations to author Laura Mills on the release of her book, historical romance A Brother’s Promise!

Caroline Bradley’s dreams of having a family are shattered when she loses her husband to a horrific accident. On Cover of A Brother's Promise by Laura Mills a historical romancehis deathbed, he’d written her a letter, pleading with her in a shocking request. Now she’s torn between honoring her late husband’s wishes and her most secret feelings.
Elijah Bradley had one goal in mind—improve his ranch with the innovative plan to raise bison along with the cattle he and his brother once herded. His brother’s death changes everything. All his plans are gone, leaving him only with the promise he made to his dying brother.

Will love conquer these two lost souls? Or will the obligation set before them ruin any chance for happiness?

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