Oct 23

A Note from the Coach – Goals

I read some time ago that willpower is a limited resource, residing in the same small section of the brain that houses the ability to stay focused, our short term memory, and the part of our mind that solves abstract problems. That is a lot for one very small area in the front of our brain. But there is so much I would like to accomplish! And I need willpower to do it all. The way I see it, we can only handle so much, so we need a PLAN.

I have just come from a meeting today with my goals group, a five person meet-up of like minded women. We talk about our goals for writing, for our home, for finances and for our health. We meet every two weeks and discuss what we achieved, and what we didn’t, and today we reviewed what we had accomplished not only over the last two weeks but also for the 3/4 mark for the year.  It was really quite a lot.

Here’s the key to our success. We state our goals out loud, and we write them down. We hold each other accountable.

Pull out your goals for the year. Where are you? No need to comment here but consider what you could accomplish in the next few months. Make that plan.