Jun 03

Apologies and Updates

First, I apologize for not being on here more often. Early this year I became very ill with pneumonia. I am much better now, and I have been quietly editing some really great books as I catch back up to my editing schedule.

A big bit of news – I have taken a position as an editor for Crescent Moon Press, a small epublisher specializing in romance and YA. I like the work, but have no intention of giving up my freelance work here! Note – this is a freelance editing post, I do not accept submissions for Crescent Moon Press.

Also on a personal note, Lilly Cain (one of my alter egos) has been having a very busy summer. For those of you who are unaware, Lilly is my pseudonym in erotic romance.  She’s been working hard: making a small foray into self publishing with a short novella (12K words), Return To Me, a modern Celtic fairytale, a short story in the Demon Lovers Succubus Anthology from Storybones Publishing, and another long novella (42K words) entitled Undercover Alliance, the third in my sci-fi erotic romance series, The Confederacy Treaty, with Carina Press releasing June 25th.

I hope you will all excuse my absence! More to come soon on Self Edits, some interesting developments in marketing, and another look at who’s buying what.

Happy Writing!