Sep 30

September 2012 Publishing News

A lot happened this month that I feel is worth mentioning. On a personal note, I decided to not only move into full time writing and editing but also coaching for new authors. More on that in a couple of months—I will be creating a separate website for the information and linking this one to it, hopefully without duplicating any content!

Out in the publishing world a bunch of things caught my eye.

Traditional publishers continued to look for ways to get a grip on the new and rapidly changing market.

Harper Collins tried out new, lower prices:


More big names entered the digital book market


Penguin/Berkley launches InkLit, a graphic novel imprint


Techie stuff:

Amazon put out several new readers


But so did Kobo


And Barnes and Noble followed suit


Zola Books (once a social group) launches its selling capability


Some facts popped up (that we all knew, but hey)


Nancy, TheRedPenCoach