Aug 26

Congratulations, Kelly Boyce on New Release!

Congratulations to Kelly Boyce on her new release, Surrender to Scandal!

Cover to Surrender to Scandal by Kelly BoyceThe Sins & Scandals Series
While there are those who spend their time in modest pursuits, upholding propriety befitting the lords and ladies of the ton, it would seem that for others scandal is just a sin away…


With an inheritance weighed down by scandal and debt, Benedict Laytham, the new Earl of Glenmor, is desperate to resurrect the family fortune, even to the point of continuing his uncle’s risky investments with a mysterious silent partner. When the tides turn on his investment and financial ruin threatens what little family he has left, Benedict will do anything to save them. He will return to London to find a wealthy bride and to discover the identity of his silent partner.

Once, Miss Judith Sutherland dreamed of love, but it cost her everything. Humiliated by the man she loved, Judith returns home to care for her dying father, but his death brings her position as lady of the manor to an end. After living far from the ton for years, she must find a new way to live, independent of any man. What better way than as a lady’s companion? But a return to London means a return to the very people who caused her scandalous exile.

A single dance and two lives change forever…

As danger and scandal court Benedict and Judith once again, will they surrender to their heart’s desire? Or will they allow duty and pride to destroy any chance at happiness?

Buy the book! Surrender to Scandal (The Sins & Scandals Series Book 5)

to read more about Kelly and her series, check out her website. It’s been a pleasure working with her!