Oct 01

Congratulations Paulina Woods!

Congratulations Paulina Woods on her re-release of Stone Guardian, Book One of the Witches Amulet

Element – Fire (Healer/Destroyer) Cover of Stone Guardian by Paulina Woods

Royal House – Purple

Milcah was born to rule. Stolen soon after birth, her magic was locked and she was forced to live a normal life, with no knowledge of her heritage.

Raised by a detached parent, she learned to depend on herself and her best friend, Mary, for support. While on a road trip across country she’s forced to find shelter in an abandoned town called Beacon.

She finds her destiny and learns about her past which will lead to the salvation or damnation of the world, and a mate who can give her everything her heart desires. Can she let go of her insecurities and accept her mate’s love?

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This book has been re-edited in 3 pass edits by Nancy Cassidy