Oct 21

Congratulations Renea Mason!

Congratulations to Renea Mason on her latest erotic suspense / romance release – Surviving Doctor Vincent!

The sequel to Curing Doctor Vincent. Cover of Surviving Doctor Vincent by Renea Mason

Elaine Watkins knew there would be challenges loving the great Dr. Xavier Vincent–medical icon, enigmatic genius, and broken man–but when she finds herself the focus of the Society, a group of sociopaths who manipulate people for pleasure and sport, finding someone she can trust becomes her biggest test.

After being forced into hiding with Sebastian, Xavier’s long-time friend, and reunited with Marco, Dr. Vincent’s protégé, Elaine struggles with the complex relationship that develops between her and the three men.

When the Society causes Elaine to question everything she’s ever known, her love for Dr. Vincent may be the only thing to save her.

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This book was edited with 3-pass edits by Nancy Cassidy. A highly recommended erotic suspense series.