Nov 15

New Release from the RED PEN COACH!

We are happy to announce that Quickies: Writing Short Fiction for the Romance Market is now available nearly everywhere!

There are still a few places that haven’t cleared the approval process, but they will soon, so we just couldn’t wait to tell you about this new guide to our method for plotting short romance.Cover of Quickies: Writing Short Fiction for the Romance Market by Nancy Cassidy

So you have a great idea for a romance, but you want to keep it short? There’s a large market today for short romantic fiction, especially in the virtual, electronic marketplace. People want to read something while they sit on the bus or ride the train to work. Something that is short, easy to read, but will make them feel good, the way romance novels do.

Keeping it brief without losing that level of emotional connection can be hard, but there are ways to make sure your book is a satisfying romance read, even with a limited number of words. You can learn to plan and write a story that will make your readers look for more.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in Quickies: Writing Short Fiction for the Romance Market:

The History of the Short Story; Understanding Your Niche; The Craft of Writing Short Romance; Use Writing Exercises Layering; Precision Writing­

Written by Freelance Editor and Writing Coach, Nancy Cassidy

Available in print and ebook!

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