Dec 29

Congratulations Dee Ernst!

Congratulations Dee Ernst! Dee’s newest book and first in her Mt. Abrams cozy mystery series of novellas! Due to release January 12, 2016!

Cover of A Mother's Day Murder by Dee Ernst

Cover of A Mother’s Day Murder by Dee Ernst

Mt. Abrams was the kind of small, quiet town where, as any of its residents would tell you, nothing ever happened. That was why Ellie Rocca loved living there, even if her ex-husband did not.

But even small towns had secrets, as Ellie discovered when Lacey Mitchell suddenly disappeared. Ellie caught Lacey’s husband in a lie, and one small discovery led to another until it became apparent that nothing about the Mitchell’s was quite what it seemed.

Mother’s Day was just around the corner. With a sexy detective on the case, and Ellie and her friends getting closer to the truth, can Lacey Mitchell be found in time to enjoy the day with her sons? Or was something more deadly going on?

This novella is 35K words, the first in the Mt. Abrams Mystery Series

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