Feb 21

Congratulations Shawna Romkey!

Congratulations to Shawna Romkey on the release of her latest novel, The Devil You Know, book three in her Speak of the Devil series, a paranormal YA adventure!

Holy Hell! Cover of The Devil You Know by Shawna Romkey, a YA paranormal adventure series

After battling her way back from Hell only to discover Luc didn’t make it out, Lily must rally the angels to descend back into the Devil’s domain. Now she has thirty days to rescue her angelic warrior boyfriend and break the curse to free God before Lucifer and his demon army destroy all of humanity on Earth. Forget passing the eleventh grade. Lily must face the ultimate final exam to give the Devil his due and save the world before the reapers catch up and deliver the death she cheated from them a year ago.

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