Jun 09

Congratulations Veronica Purcell!

Congratulations to Veronica Purcell, on the release of her story TENDRILS. Women’s fiction with a hint of romance and good dollop of family mystery.

A door opens between our world and the next…

When newly-widowed Kate Armsworthy finds an old bottle in her backyard, she is drawn into a family mystery. Secret messages, strange lights, and ghostly appearances are clues to a secret that’s been buried for decades. But solving the mystery only provides a momentary distraction from her grief.
After another loss, Kate runs away, but distance–and a little supernatural help–give her the perspective she’s been missing. When she returns home to Nova Scotia, will the tendrils of the past hold her back, or will she step bravely into the future?

A contemporary fiction story with a touch of the supernatural.

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