Jun 11

Congratulations Sara Hubbard!

Congratulations to Sara Hubbard on her newest book, unForgivable, book 2 in the inCapable series, now available on pre-order!

From international bestselling author, Sara Hubbard, comes a contemporary novel about the choices and cover of unForgivable by Sara Hubbard a new adult romance mob novelconsequences of a young woman in a cruel city.

Beth is a twenty-four-year old woman raised by the mob. She’s never gotten herself into a situation her family couldn’t drag her out. So when those closest to her wind up dead or missing in action she’s left to her own devices, and she quickly realizes how hard it is to survive on her own.

Damien is a corpsman coming home from war with the hopes of starting over. He knows what he wants and he’s accustomed to getting it. So when he finds himself falling for a girl stumbling through life—like he once did—he’s determined to help her, whether she wants help or not.

Pre-order now on Amazon unForgivable (An inCapable World Novel Book 2)

Read more about Sara and her books on her website, here.