Jun 21

Congratulations authors Marilyn Cruise and J. L. Rush!

Congratulations to authors Marilyn Cruise and J. L. Rush on the release of their first co-written book, Exmo, in the Bound for Freedom Series!

What it’s about: Cover of Exmo by Marilyn Cruise and JL Rush, an erotic romance for an Ex Morman

Determined to escape a controlling husband and a lifetime of oppressive Mormon indoctrinations, Liz yearns to explore the previously forbidden parts of herself she has kept locked away—especially the darker sides of her sexuality. However, freeing herself from the past takes much more than she ever imagined.
When Liz meets Daniel, a sexy Danish journalist, he shows her a world without limitations, where pleasure rules, and where obedience to him can grant her the experiences and freedom she seeks. But the new world goes completely against everything she once believed. Brimming with storms of ecstasy and emotional pitfalls, this carnal paradise is something she is entirely unprepared to handle.

Buy a copy of the book (or read a sample) on Amazon: Exmo (Bound For Freedom Book 1)

Read more about the authors on Marilyn’s website: http://www.marilyncruise.com/