Jul 12

Congratulations Alexa Padgett!

Congratulations to Alexa Padgett on her new book, The Magician’s Ruins, second in the Echo Series, now available for Pre-order!

She’s the hope of the world … or its destruction. Cover of the Magician's Ruins by Alexa Padgett YA Fantasy Paranormal Native American Adventure

The portals to the underworld are unguarded, and demons roam free in the Southwest. To return the world to balance Echo Maria Ruiz must survive enough trials to meet with the Magician in his ruined city and learn the secrets he holds. Secrets like the location of her best friend.

Alone and unprepared, Echo must trust Honani, her spirit guardian, and Zeke, the handsome, mysterious warrior who carries her on the back of his motorcycle, battling demons and monsters at her side. In her darkest moments in the Magician’s ruins, Echo discovers betrayal lurks, and her warrior may not be her hero after all.

Pre-order your copy here: The Magician’s Ruins (The Echo Series Book 2)

Read more about Alexa and here books on her website: http://www.alexapadgett.com/