Sep 27

Congratulations Brinda Berry!

Congratulations to our author Brinda Berry on the release of Fit For Love, the latest book in her contemporary Stand By Me romance series!

Fitness Trainer. Bartender. Fake fiancé. Cover of Fit for Love by Brinda Berry, a contemporary romance

I didn’t plan to fall for her. One minute I’m kissing a stranger on New Year’s Eve and the next I’m engaged. It’s only a misunderstanding, but I’ll take advantage of this unexpected gift. A convenient fake engagement is just what the doctor ordered for my dying grandmother.

Songwriter Makenna Ross is the hottest woman I’ve ever met, and she’s been strumming at my heartstrings from our very first kiss. And her little boy? He’s stolen my affection, too.

When Makenna’s ex-boyfriend hears of our engagement, the lie grows bigger. Bolder. Realer. Yeah, yeah. I majored in physiology, not English.

There’s something she’s not telling me. The harder I chase, the faster she runs. She’s perfect for me, if she’ll let her guard down and let go of her past.

This is my chance to have everything I ever wanted.

I’m Aiden Alesini, and I’ll do whatever it takes to win her love.

Read a sample or buy your copy now on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dptkfe 

Read more about Brinda Berry on her website, here.