Feb 17

Congratulations Renea Mason, Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard!

Congratulations to our author Renea Mason and narrators Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard on the release of their book, The Audiobook Book: An Audiobook Production Guide for Indie Authors & Narrators!

Cover of The Audiobook Book by Renea Mason, Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard a how-to production guide for authors and narratorsThe Audie Award-Winning team of Renea Mason, Noah Michael Levine, and Erin deWard share their experiences and ideas on indie audiobook narration, publication, production, and marketing.

This self-help and reference guide for authors and narrators promotes collaboration, communication, understanding, and encouragement as foundations for approaching or refining a career in the fastest growing sector of the publishing industry—audiobooks.

Read more about Renea Mason here: http://reneamason.com/

Read more about Noah Michael Levine: http://www.noahmichaellevine.com/

Read more about Erin deWard: http://www.erindeward.com/

Read a sample or purchase a copy on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kGlNuU