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Aug 09

New Magazine Series by The Red Pen Coach Team!

Cover of RWR August 2016 edition

We are so happy with Redefining Success, the first part of our series on putting the joy back in your writing, appearing in the August edition of the Romance Writers Report! In this new five-article series, authors and editors Nancy Cassidy and Donna Alward show you how to bring the joy back into your writing—and how …

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Nov 15

New Release from the RED PEN COACH!

Cover of Quickies: Writing Short Fiction for the Romance Market by Nancy Cassidy

We are happy to announce that Quickies: Writing Short Fiction for the Romance Market is now available nearly everywhere! There are still a few places that haven’t cleared the approval process, but they will soon, so we just couldn’t wait to tell you about this new guide to our method for plotting short romance. So …

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Oct 20

Writing Resource – POV Depth

Cover image of the Emotion Thesaurus

One of the most common problems I see in writing is the issue of POV depth. One you get past the idea of writing within a specific point of view versus head hopping from one character to another or writing in an omnipresent point of view where the narrator seems to know everyone’s internal thoughts, …

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