Joy Your Way to a Bestseller!

New from Donna Alward and Nancy Cassidy!

Joy Your Way to a Bestseller! Re-ignite Your Passion for Writing

Have you lost your writing mojo? Has your Muse abandoned you? Is the business of being a writer sucking away all Cover of Joy Your Way to a Bestseller by Donna Alward and Nancy Cassidythe joy you used to feel in the process?

If finding the time to write has become a chore rather than a pleasure; if your prose seems forced and getting words on the page takes longer than it used to, this book is for you.
Find the meaning in your writing once again and go for the story, rather than the page count! Donna Alward, freelance editor and NYT Bestselling author of fifty feel-good novels and Nancy Cassidy, editor and owner of The Red Pen Coach editorial group, give you the tools to rediscover the joy in your writing.
Throw out the rules, the timers, and the word counts! Discover more meaning in your creativity and enjoy every minute. Let your joy lead to higher productivity, resulting in more opportunity for success, increased readership, and higher sales.
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“You need to love what you write.” That was the key message that I took from this engaging and super-useful book from Donna Alward and Nancy Cassidy.

These experienced professional authors developed the concept that it is possible to create an authentic and enriching writing experience through developing a ‘vital mindset.’ You may need to re-evaluate your goals and aim for more personal and creative fulfillment by writing for pleasure, even if that is a side hustle fun book.

Chapter 2 on finding your core creative identity resonated with me, and I totally agree that you have to recognise and embrace your core story like a best friend. It is possible to write the book of your heart and the book of your head which will fit the market.

Chapter 8 has a very comprehensive and up to date summary of the best current marketing strategies that can be applied by any author, whether traditionally or self-published.

The exercises at the end of each chapter were excellent throughout.

If you are looking for an up to date guide to writing in 2018 and beyond, look no further.

 – Nina Harrington. Bestselling author, blogger and tutor