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Dec 07

Let’s Talk Dialogue

There are thousands of rules when it comes to the use of contractions, verb usage and sentence structure in my Chicago Manual of Style. But where do we go to look for rules on dialogue? What do we do when we are writing in the voice of a street tough from New York? Or a …

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Nov 23

Stumbling Through Writer’s Block

Eventually most authors come to a point where they simply can’t seem to generate the next idea. They can’t evoke the muse. Or they feel their plot is sick, and they can’t seem to find a way to help it out of it’s misery. Most authors who have reached this point blame their problems on …

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Nov 16

Why Do You Need An Editor?

Why do you need an editor? After years of writing, why would you hand over good money to someone else to edit your books? Surely you know how to revise and edit and proofread your books by now. Well, perhaps you do. But most of us have found one simple truth, even after all those …

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