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Oct 27


It’s all about balance. I know a lot of authors. But I know very few full time authors. Most writers, even those multi-published, have a ‘day job’. A full time position that brings in regular paychecks. Writing can be a fickle career and unless you are independently wealthy, or have a supportive spouse / partner …

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Oct 25

Goals Again. Why?

Further thoughts on goal setting and achieving. Why am I thinking about this? Why now and not a week before New Year’s Eve or three weeks after December 31st when our resolutions have been broken and tossed in the bin? Because a week from today we begin NANOWRIMO. Don’t know what it is? Check it out …

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Oct 23

A Note from the Coach – Goals

I read some time ago that willpower is a limited resource, residing in the same small section of the brain that houses the ability to stay focused, our short term memory, and the part of our mind that solves abstract problems. That is a lot for one very small area in the front of our brain. But …

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