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Oct 20

Writing Resource – POV Depth

Cover image of the Emotion Thesaurus

One of the most common problems I see in writing is the issue of POV depth. One you get past the idea of writing within a specific point of view versus head hopping from one character to another or writing in an omnipresent point of view where the narrator seems to know everyone’s internal thoughts, …

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Oct 12

Self Edits, Part 3 – Stay in Tense

 Part Three of Self Editing deals with the tense of the book. Past, or present? I could go on about past perfect or future perfect, etc., but for an introduction let’s stick with simple past and present tenses. At this point you will have already written your book, but this may explain why you are …

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Jan 10

Self Edits, Part 1

Before you decide that your book is finished and you are ready to spend time and money working with an editor I would suggest a round of self edits. This is the real work. If you thought that telling the story the first time was the hard part, you might be in for a surprise. Over …

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