Want to know what other authors think of my editing/coaching? 

“From edits, content critiques to coaching, Nancy knows what it takes to make a story work. Professional and insightful, she can help you polish your work and make it shine.” – Author Cathryn Fox, also writing as Cat Kalen

“From beginning to end publishing a novel is a team sport and I’ve got the best player ever in my corner. I’m greatly indebted to my personal editor, the amazing Nancy Cassidy, who read through the first drafts of my romance novels and led me with great wisdom and incredible generosity all the way to my publisher’s doors.

Nancy pushed me to perfect my style, polish my writing and write a better novel. Furthermore, she shared her extensive knowledge of the romance genre to guide me through the intricate process of querying and submitting my manuscripts, giving me tremendous support.

Her insights of the genre and the industry are invaluable to any writer planning to make a career in the romance genre. Her abilities to recognize the strength and weaknesses of a novel are unsurpassed. Her sense for the story is truly remarkable. In my professional writing career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some very gifted editors, but none has proven to be as sharp, technically proficient, insightful and dedicated as Nancy Cassidy.” – Author Anna del Mar

“Nancy is demanding and makes me hold up my end of my writing goals. I love that she pushes me to write and keep track of all my projects.” Author Renee Field, also writing as Renee Pace .

“The Red Pen finds the errors no one else sees. It separates what a novelist wants to say from what a publisher needs to know and helps writers find the words to say both.” – Author and Journalist Desiree Finhert

“Nancy is a gifted coach. When she’s looking at a manuscript, she can identify problems at the macro level – plot, pacing, character arcs – as well as line by line craft related issues like grammar and sentence structure. She’s been incredibly helpful to me in so many ways, and not just with my manuscript. Goal setting, query writing – she’s opened my eyes and helped me to see all the many facets of being successful as a writer. Bottom line. Before I started working with Nancy, I thought I was a pretty good writer. And after working with her, I know I’m a much better one.” Author Michelle Helliwell

“I couldn’t be happier to be one of Nancy Cassidy’s clients.  She is a wonderful editor with a critical eye and a gentle (at the same time honest) manner—all of which are vital to successfully creating the best manuscript possible.  And, on top of getting professional, insightful feedback in a timely manner, her edits are very reasonably priced.  What’s not to love?”  Lina Gardiner, Winner of the Daphne Dumaurier, Paranormal, Time Travel, Futurist Prism Best First Book


A few recent highlights for books we have edited – Award Winning Congratulations to our authors!   June 2016 – Nicola R. White wins the Kobo Emerging Writer award – a $10,000 award to 3 authors whose writing is definitely going somewhere! May 2016 – Renea Mason WINS in the Erotic Category of the Audie Awards with her audible …

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